Do You Need a Pro?


  • Are you “clutter challenged”? Does the appearance of your home make you uncomfortable?
  • Do your closets need to be weeded through and organized?
  • Has your filing system and household paperwork been neglected for too long?
  • Do you find yourself paying late fees and finance charges?
  • Do your attempts at decluttering leave you frustrated?

Time is our most precious commodity. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Organizing always falls to the bottom of our “To Do” lists. Stuff gets piled up in the corners and then starts to spread around the house and can feel overwhelming.

Please put aside any embarrassment you may have about asking for help to get your clutter under control.

Organizing always gets messier before it gets neater and working with “Helping Hands” will get the job accomplished!

Contact me today for a no obligation consultation – I CAN HELP!

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I was embarrassed to have people come into my house, the clutter was everywhere. Jill put me at ease and was there to help, not judge me. She provided the motivation and encouragement I needed to help me make decisions. Her attention to detail and creativity has really helped make the best use of my limited storage space. I have a place for everything and can find what I am looking for in just minutes. This was the best money I have spent! I am glad I made the call and asked for assistance from Helping Hands.

-Nora, Wolfeboro, NH